Protecting your home is very important and we can offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

Large or small, new or old we have a system that will suit all properties.

We use the latest technology and the majority of new systems use wireless technology.

Our 2-way wireless systems should not be confused with the budget or DIY wireless systems (1-way) that you may find in the shops or from other companies.

The difference between the two systems is that a 2-way system is always checking itself every two hours as the devices “report” to the control panel to confirm they are present and functional.  A 1-way system only communicates from the device to the control panel in the event of an alarm.

We use the HKC SecureWave range of control panels for their proven reliability.

The SecureWave range, launched in 2010, brought wireless technology to HKC products.  SecureWave is a 2-way wireless platform which supports the SW 1070 & SW 20140 hybrid panels and the Quantum 70 complete wireless panel.  The hybrid panels are supplemented with a wide range of detection and life safety devices.  The intrusion detectors include motion, vibration. and contact sensors while the life safety devices include smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. The range also includes dual push wireless panic buttons, secure keyfob and wireless keypad (complete with audio and visual display) in addition to internal and external warning devices.

Communication devices include a digital communicator with text and voice (DTV) and a plug-on GSM/GPRS unit (GSM-Q).  Keypads in this range include a wired LCD display and a wireless keypad offering excellent range and flexibility for both the SW 1070/20140 and Quantum panels.

Smart phone App and remote control of systems. 

SecureComm is HKC’s cloud-based solution offering the end user easy connectivity and access to their systems.  We also use SecureComm to connect to SmartLink 700  (an easy to use PC application that allows access remotely or locally to carry out programming and diagnostic functions).  The software allows easy configuration of both the Quantum 70 and SW 1070 / 20140 panels and also doubles as a site management tool.  Connectivity can be achieved remotely through DTV / GSM-Q or any of the SecureComm communication modules (GSM-SC, Lan or WiFi card) or locally via a USB lead or serial port.  

The HKC App, available for both Apple and Android devices, will allow end users to remotely control their security system.  The App offers easy set & unset commands, push notification (with audible annunciation), fully functional keypad, log interrogation and, depending on your system control panel, output switching.