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Commercial Services

Is Your Business Protected?


For over 40 years Securikey has been a trusted partner of many UK companies and institutions, supplying a comprehensive range of innovative security and safety products which meet the requirements of even the most demanding of environments. Securikey cash and fire safes have undergone independent testing to European standards. Each is approved and certified after undergoing a rigorous and exhaustive series of technical and practical tests, for use within a diverse range of applications and environments.

Offering you a Wide Range of Safes & Key Safes

  • Key Control Systems & Key Safes
  • Cash Safes & Cabinets
  • Underfloor Safes
  • Gun Safes
  • Fire Vaults & Safes
  • Medical Storage

Prices from as little as £99 incl. VAT

High-Security Key Filing Systems

Our range of high-security key control systems, the most comprehensive available, is manufactured utilising the same technology as our cash safes and tested to the highest standards.  This makes them ideal for safeguarding against lost or stolen keys even within high-security commercial applications, such as the UK’s Prestige Motor Dealers, Police Stations and Banks. Contact us today to discuss the ideal solution for your needs.

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Cash Safes & Cabinets

Our range of freestanding safes offers the most comprehensive selection, whilst maintaining clear areas of specialty. Each safe is given a cash rating depending on its ability to resist attack, which is designed to help you choose the model which best meets your needs. Our Euro Graded Safes offer maximum protection with full VdS Test House approval and provide a robust solution for storing money and valuables in either domestic or commercial environments.

Fire Safes & Cabinets

In the aftermath of a fire, access to important documents such as insurance policies, wills, passports and certificates is essential to getting back on your feet. The Securikey range of modern, high-security, fire-resistant safes and vaults is manufactured to the highest standards and independently tested and approved for both fire protection and physical attack. Contact us today to discuss the ideal solution for your needs.