Intruder Detection

Intruder alarm systems are a common sight on the majority of buildings nowadays.

The purpose of an Intruder alarm system is to detect an entry into a property and to sound an audible alert internally and externally.  The sad fact is that people tend to ignore sirens these days due to the amount of DIY systems on the market that cause issues and grief.

We therefore specialise in monitored systems, which will ensure that your system will get a response to alarm calls.

Monitored systems transmit via IP, GPRS or PSTN.

Our monitored alarms transmit via standard digital communicator or CSL DualCom, BT RedCare and Webway One.

Conforming to LPS 1277.

Our engineers are trained in the following products:
Honeywell Galaxy
Pyronix Enforcer
Castle Care-Tech
C & K
Paxton Access
Cooper Fulleon

The video below shows the mobile app running on a users Iphone.