Electronic Access Control

We are proud to be approved installers of Paxton Access Control products.  Access control allows your building to be secured yet allows easy day-to-day access.

Our access control systems can also integrate with the Fire & Security systems on site to ensure seamless operation.

The feedback we receive from our end users is very positive.  They regularly report that, as they do not have to keep changing locks or ordering keys etc., their ongoing charges are much reduced.

Access control can also be used to save energy with our energy saving reader. This reader can be programmed to allow only certain members of staff to turn on certain items or to ensure that air conditioning and lighting is switched off upon exiting the room.

We integrate many systems with the Intruder and Fire Alarms on site. This allows managers and business owners to monitor who has entered the building and when, restricts certain users to certain areas and also ensures that doors are released upon activation of a fire alarm.

Our systems will also provide a Roll Call function either to a local printer or tablet to ensure that all staff can be accounted for.

We have a range of readers and these can be customised with your company logo or branding.Marine readerLCD reader